Financial Support Services

CASC can help guide you on the path to economic security.


The Problem

Are you or someone you know:

  • Facing an eviction?
  • Behind in the rent?
  • Unable to find a job?
  • Having the electricity or water shut off?
  • Being sued over a debt?
  • Homeless, or about to become homeless?
  • Unable to afford your medications?

Call us, perhaps we can help.


The Facts

Every year Millions of Americans go without because they are not receiving all of the benefits for which they are eligible. Every year billions of dollars in public funds go untouched and billions in tax credits go unclaimed. CASC can help with:

  • Finances

  • Jobs

  • Health

  • Legal Services

  • Housing

  • Public Benefits

  • Aging Network Services (meals on wheels, transportation, etc.)

How We Help

Currently there are few places where you can go to receive a comprehensive economic review and learn more about helpful services.


At CASC, we offer guidence to finding help. Here are the steps to take:


First Step – a phone call or email Jacki Middleton, CASC Economic Security Director.

Second Step – an appointment to review your finances & provide basic information


Third Step – a review of available programs and services for which you might qualify.


Fourth Step – with help from CASC, apply for programs


Fifth Step – monitor your progress to see if your expenses decreased or your income increased.


The Economic Security Center is open to anyone 55 years or older. There are no income guidelines, but CASC does focus on those in greatest need.




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