Senior Companions Program

“Enhancing the lives of older adults in the community”

A program that is truly a win-win, The Senior Companions Program provides meaningful work for volunteers and essential support to recipients. Understanding that hospice patients often need more than medical care, a Senior Companion provides support on many different levels to caregivers and patients. Having an extra pair of hands and an understanding shoulder is an immeasurable service, ultimately benefitting both the volunteer and the families they serve.


The Program

Senior Companion program

The Senior Companions Program is part of Senior Corps, under the umbrella of the Corporation for National and Community Service. 

It is part of a network of programs that help provide volunteer opportunities for seniors age 55 and older.  Partnering with other non-profit agencies who help identify seniors at risk and support the senior companion program, this volunteer service helps to strengthen communities.

In addition to doing an important service for the community, Senior Companions receive a small tax-free stipend, travel reimbursement and socialization benefits.


Senior Companions Program Director: Berita Martin
Program Coordinator: Vye Morton
Program Coordinator: Paula Edwards


What Companions Do
  • Senior Companion program Senior Companions provide companionship, friendly visiting, monitoring and assistance with light housekeeping. 
  • Respite care is provided to the main caregiver to afford them personal time while knowing that their family member is with someone upon whom they are safe and comfortable.
  • Senior Companions provide “hands off” service. They are not professional or medical personnel and do not bathe nor dispense medicine.
  • They do provide encouragement to the individual to remain active, and may assist with daily tasks. 


Often Senior Companions and their clients develop friendships that last a lifetime. The Senior Companions Program partners with non-profit agencies that assist in the recognition of potential clients and the supervision and documentation needed for companions assigned to their area.




How to Apply to be a Senior Companion

Volunteers may be assigned to: independent client homes, Senior Centers, Respite Day Centers, and Home Respite Care. 


Volunteers are available Monday through Friday. Schedules Senior Companion program and times are arranged between the program director, the volunteer, and the host site director. Currently, 56 Senior Companions Volunteers serve the community. 


Interested persons can call the Charleston Area Senior Center or email us here. We will notify you when the next training class is forming.

Benefits of Being a Senior Companion

Senior Companions serve up to 40 hours per week. Some volunteers may qualify to earn a tax-free, hourly stipend.

Senior Companion program

Senior Companions receive pre-service orientation, training from the organization where you serve, and supplemental accident and liability insurance while on duty.


And remember: our volunteers, are helping others—and enriching their own lives, as well. Volunteering often leads to new discoveries and new friends. Studies show that volunteering helps you live longer and promotes a positive outlook on life.


So get involved, and join Senior Companions today! For more information, please contact Berita Martin at (843) 722-4127 or click to email here.


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